A Focus On Nature

Ornithology Internship

Our aim is to offer one person the chance to visit the Isles of Scilly in partnership with A Focus On Nature, to work with the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust in their office and around the islands, to act as a representative and point of contact between the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust and the influx of birders during the month of October

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© Lucy McRobert

© Lucy McRobert

Length: 4 weeks

Closing Date for Applications: 24th August 2014

Dates: TBC, October 2014

Location: Isles of Scilly (Trenoweth & the Garrison)

Cost: Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust to cover the cost of staying on the islands (in their Woolpack Volunteers facility); A Focus On Nature to cover travel and transport, including off-island travel and pelagic during the stay (reasonably up to £300 in total); Candidate to cover the cost of their own food and drink. We recommend that you insure your expensive equipment before travelling, as we cannot take responsibility for loss, theft or damage on the internship. It is important for the candidate to note that the role is unpaid.

Candidate: The appropriate candidate must be willing to work with the Trust for the duration of their stay. They must have a passion for birdwatching and communication (and wider natural history), as the role will include writing up their experiences (daily where necessary) and social media; a method of taking photographs would be ideal, but not compulsory. They will be responsible for representing the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust at the evening bird log, and may have the opportunity to contribute to the Isles of Scilly Birding publications. They will report back to the Trust on communications with birders and holiday makers. This is the perfect opportunity to work in a professional environment learning new skills, expanding a CV and contributing to a wider organisation in an enjoyable, diverse and scenically beautiful area.

© Darren Hart

© Darren Hart

This is a superb opportunity for a young birder to:

  1. Expand their knowledge of British flora and fauna, including species endemic to the Isles of Scilly, marine wildlife and British vagrants/rarities

  2. Develop skills in communication through blogging, writing  and social media, as well as face to face

  3. Explore new environments, including marine, coastal, farmland, marine heathland, etc., in a superb location

  4. Work as part of a team in a professional and lively office, learning about the Wildlife Trusts as an organisation and how your skills in ornithology can benefit an NGO

  5. Interact with the general public and represent the Wildlife Trust at a local level

  6. Learn identification skills and field craft from some of the most renowned birders and naturalists in the country

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