A Focus On Nature

Birds of Poole Harbour

Project by Thea Powell, Abbie Barnes, Olly Frampton,
Joshua Burch, Charli Sams, Danielle Connor & Peter Cooper

In conjunction with Birds of Poole Harbour:
Mark Constantine & Paul Morton

And Stoborough Primary School, Dorset

Destination: Poole Harbour, Dorset
Date: 9th December


A Focus On Nature worked with Birds of Poole Harbour over one day, to create a range of resources to help them relate to wider audiences:

1) We created a range of educational resources to be used whilst working with children from a local school – worksheets, activities, etc., that tie in with their school curriculum and can help them to understand the importance of nature, in relation to their other school subjects (art, English, geography, etc.)

2) We created a short promotional video (or two) of the experience, encapsulating what the Birds of Poole Harbour charity is all about, as well as a short clip about our work within the school

3) We compiled a range of images and short articles documenting the day

4) Mentors Stephen Moss and Dr Rob Lambert gave an hour long, engaging and educational talk to pupils of Stoborough Primary School, Dorset, answering a range of questions about the childrens’ experiences of wildlife and nature

 Read about what happened here & view our gallery of images from the day

Buzzard soaring near,
Touching the cloudy sky,
Way, way, way up high!

– Year 5 Haiku Poetry


“After a well organised evening of travelling and good sleep in very well selected accommodation(!), we were greeted on the sunny Monday morning by Dr Rob Lambert, Stephen Moss and Paul Morton – Paul runs the Birds of Poole Habour project, ” a charity completely dedicated to educating people on the stunning variety of bird life in one of the country’s most picturesque locations, helping you make the most of this truly breathtaking natural harbour.” From my experience of the day, the charity do this very well!

Lucy McRobert – Creative Director – was there as the leader of the day who had coordinated working with Paul, the Birds of Poole Harbour Project and with Stoborough Primary School, from which 50 children attended the days activities .

Working with the school was a fantastic experience. Seeing them on a field trip with experts and adults who they hadn’t met before was a real insight into how well outreach can work and how to communicate nature based topics. The wide range of ages within the AFON team ensured the group learnt a lot from each other – we all got reminded how big the world of conservation actually is – inspiring us to search and work for many opportunities.

Outreach and workshops of this sort are invaluable for the education of all ages. Groups like AFON and similar activities that are available are the reason many people are learning more about their local area and UK’s biodiversity & conservation opportunities, our policies & working groups. It was fantastic to take part in the productive and enjoyable day, learning from both the AFON group and from ‘nature experts’. Hopefully these opportunities (for young conservationists and for schools!) will become more common as projects like this continue to be so successful.”

Thea Powell, Birds of Poole Harbour Team


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