A Focus On Nature

Mini Projects

Our Mini Projects involve putting together small groups of individuals to spend a few days working together to research one element of a given area, topic or nature reserve, thus producing a video, set of articles, interpretation plan, etc. to be used in marketing and communications by a nature conservation organisation. The aims of these projects are:

  • To give our members the chance to explore and learn about new environs, adapting their own skills through new experiences;

  • To encourage our members to work together as a team, so that they can understand the different ways that individuals interact with nature;

  • To give our members the chance to run their own projects, including task allocation, meeting deadlines, team work, leadership and responsibility; to give our members a unique piece of work that they can use in future on their CVs;

  • To allow our members to work and network with professional people, either individuals or within a wider organisation;

  • To teach our members about the importance of communication in allowing a wider audience to access nature.