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Young Conservationists

IMG_1299Toby Carter

My name is Toby, I am 16 years of age, I live in a small rural village in Leicestershire, I love Birdwatching and I have been doing it for 9 years, I mainly go birding around my local patch or go to Rutland Water, my favourite reserve is Cley Marsh in Norfolk have been Bird Ringing with the BTO for 4 years, which I have found very helpful with identifying and the reason that I have love ringing is that you appreciate the birds more when you have them in your hand, my favourite birds that I’ve ringed; Wigeon, Kestrel, Puffin, Water Rail, Oystercatcher, Little-ringed Plover the list goes on . I love to take wildlife photography, in 2011 I took a photograph of a Kittiwake at Scarborough and came runner up in the RSPB’s Wildpix under 12’s competition.

Check out Toby’s Blog – the Grimston Warbler
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Laughing with WoodieFindlay Wilde

I’m Findlay Wilde.  I am really interested in wildlife, especially birds. I want to do everything I can to protect nature now and in the future, as well as enjoying it of course. I have been blogging about my wildlife journey for over a year now and engage with nature in lots of different ways; I am a trainee ringer, I participate in the BTO’s Birdtrack and Garden Birdwatch surveys and I am starting to do surveys of my own on my local patch. I really hope to start volunteering with some of my local NGOs soon. You can follow my wildlife journey on my blog: wildeaboutbirds.blogspot.co.uk.


Harley WildeHarley Wilde

My name is Harley Wilde and I am 9 years old. I really enjoy taking photographs and not just normal pictures. I sometimes like the things other people don’t see like the bend in a fence or just a colour in something. I take pictures wherever I go, but most of my pictures are taken of nature and wildlife. I enjoy the way different pictures make me feel, even if they are not a perfect photograph. Some of my pictures are on my blog Wilde-LifePhotography.blogspot.co.uk


AMAbby Miller

I have always loved wildlife especially birds, mammals and amphibians. I enjoy Birdwatching with my family and I want to train to be a Bird Ringer. I went to Birdfair this year and thought it was very inspiring and want to go again next year. I helped my dad build a small pond in our garden and it was great watching it develop as the different creatures started to live there, we now have loads of frogs in our garden. When I leave school I would like to work with and study wildlife because I care about it , as often people don’t do enough to look after our world and all that lives on it.

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EMEvie Miller

I am Evie Miller, aged 13 and I have had an interest in wildlife, birds in particular ever since I was a young child. Bird watching has always been a hobby for me which I enjoy very much and I am also very keen to work to save  our natural world for future generations. I am involved in carrying out  surveys such as The BTO Nest Recording Scheme, Garden Bird Watch and  Winter Thrushes Survey.  I would like to train to ring birds but it has been difficult finding a trainer in our area although we are still trying. I would like a career in wildlife conservation,  particularly in the ornithological field. I am a member of the BTO, RSPB, Derbyshire Ornithological Society and Derbyshire Wildlife trust.

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Ben MBen Moyes

I have been birding for nearly 8 years. I am based in Suffolk, so a lot of the birding I do throughout the year is in Suffolk, however we do go into Norfolk a lot to birdwatch too. My favourite place in Suffolk has to be RSPB Minsmere. It’s a fantastic Reserve. My favourite site in Norfolk is probably along the North Norfolk Coast, from Winterton Dunes, all the way to Titchwell RSPB.  Every year, I keep a year list of the number of birds I see in Britain each year. I also keep a life list, which is also on the rise – currently on 240.  It’s not just birds I like. I also like butterflies, moths, mammals and amphibians too. I have a blog which I write about all my birding trips around the UK and sometimes beyond, and I also give a Suffolk bird round up each day. It basically tells you what birds are around in Suffolk on that particular day.

My blog is http://moysiesbirdtrips.blogspot.com


Mya-Rose CraigMya-Rose Craig

I am Mya-Rose Craig, AKA “Birdgirl”.  I am 13 years old and have been birding and twitching forever.  My first twitch was when I was 9 days old and my fourth word was “birdie”.  I live south of Bristol and Chew Valley Lake is my local patch.  I have been ringing since I was 9.  Twitching is a lot of fun, especially if the bird is rare.  I am lucky to be able to go world birding.  Although these are tough trips, they are really rewarding, help conservation and are what I live for.  Actually, my life revolves around birds and I am passionate about conserving our world.  I want to do everything I can to save the environment from damage, at home as well as abroad, from things like palm oil plantations.  I want to persuade other people to do the same.  That’s why I blog, write and do talks.  I am proud to be Ambassador for Bristol European Green Capital 2015 and World Shorebird Day.  When I am older, I hope to go on remote expeditions abroad looking for rare and endemic species, maybe even for TV.

Read my blog http://birdgirluk.blogspot.co.uk/

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Sam MillerSam Miller

Hello, my name is Sam, I’m fourteen years old and live in Leicestershire. I was first introduced to nature when I was very young, since then I have learnt loads about the natural world and wildlife. I am also very worried about the welfare of wildlife and try to do all I can to protect wildlife for the future. One day I would love a career somewhere in the field of zoology as I am interested in all aspects of wildlife. But my main interest is birds and I have been taking part in the BTO ringing scheme which I really enjoy. As well as the ringing scheme I also take part in many other surveys such as: Big Garden Birdwatch, Wildsquare, BirdTrack, Breeding Bird Survey and The Nest Record Scheme. I also keep caterpillars and have been continuously breeding one species, the Vapourer Moth, for the past four years now which is great to watch as you see the whole life cycle of the species.


Ben LongBen Long

Ben is a young naturalist and wildlife photographer.   He has had a fascination with the natural world from an early age.  At age eleven he began to take a really keen interest in wildlife photography.  Soon after, Ben attended a photography session at The London Wetland Centre where professional photographer Iain Green inspired him.  Ben began blogging about his wildlife sightings in 2013.  He enjoys photographing wildlife at his local lake, arboretum, nature reserves and woodland.  Macro shots of insects are a particular favourite.

Ben volunteers with The Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust (BBOWT) on the Wild Oxford project at a local nature reserve.  He recently joined the Oxon Mammal Group and now attends their talks and training sessions.  Ultimately Ben is keen to pursue a career that will enable him to spend time in the great outdoors surrounded by the wonders of nature.

Check out his blog: http://bensbirdsandbeastlybugs.blogspot.co.uk/

And follow him on Twitter: @birdsandbugs


Alex White

Alex is an enthusiastic photographer and blogger, aged 13. In May 2013 he set up Appleton Wildlife Diary as a way to record what goes on around his local patch in Oxfordshire. He is passionate about British Wildlife, especially showing people how accessible it is to find amazing wildlife on their doorstep, but he is also keen to learn more himself. He is very eager to promote wildlife to other young people and was involved in a Podcast for The Wildlife Trusts – Every Child Wild campaign. Alex has been a local patch reporter for the BBC Wildlife magazine since February 2014 and has appeared in magazines and local newspapers. In 2015, Alex took part in The National Badger Week film called “Talking Badgers’ He has won a few photographic competitions including being awarded U15 Young Mammal photographer of 2016 and recently appeared on Springwatch Unsprung to talk about his photography.

Website: www.appletonwildlifediary.wordpress.com
Twitter : @Appletonwild
Facebook: Appleton Wildlife Diary


Mya BambrickMya Bambrick

Mya is a young birder and wildlife photographer. She has been interested in nature since a very young age and is inspired by naturalists such as Chris Packham and wildlife presenter Sir David Attenborough. At the age of nine she began to have an interest in wildlife photography. Since then she’s had lots of achievements such as coming up in Marwell Zoo’s photography competition, was highly commended in West Sussex’s nature photographer of the year and got as far as being short-listed in the BWPA.

She likes to visit her local nature reserve and record her wildlife sightings using the BTO BirdTrack app. Using her love of art, she draws and paints anything from Kingfishers to Kestrels. Recently she has created a blog that documents her fascination of nature. When she is older she would like a career in wildlife conservation or to be a professional photographer.

Check out her blog: http://myathebirder.blogspot.co.uk/
Follow her on Twitter: @MyaBambrick1 


Edward Chantler-HicksEdward Chantler hicks

Edward is 13 years old and lives in a village just outside Cambridge. He has been interested in wildlife for as long as he can remember and wants to do everything he can to help protect it. Over the past five years he has become a very keen bird-watcher and photographer, going out most weekends to nature reserves to photograph and watch birds, which he then writes about on his blog. When Edward is not able to get out to reserves he is observing and photographing birds from the self-built hide in his garden. He has recently started training with a local Cambridge bird-ringing group and is hoping to do some volunteering with the RSPB. Edward’s favourite reserve is Wicken Fen, near Ely.

Check out Edward’s blog: http://www.ornithologeek.blogspot.com
Follow his on Twitter: @tedbirding


051Daniel Johnson

I am a 15 year old boy who has a big passion for wildlife, specifically birds. I have recently completed my work experience at the London Wetland Centre and an environmental centre in Kent. This allowed me to see the daily events in which occur in such big organisations. In my 3 years of birdwatching I have seen 157 different species of birds in this country. Last year I visited the Bird Fair for the first time and I collected a lot of books from it. Last summer I went on a holiday with Nick Baker in South Devon which was brilliant. I also got to see the cirl buntings there. Due to me living in South East London I notice many urban species of animals and I have also met David Lindo the Urban Birder several times. Although I love birds I am very keen to broaden myself out.


Zach HaynesZach Haynes

Eleven year old Zach lives in North Yorkshire and loves nothing better than getting out into the countryside exploring and watching nature. His favourite activity is nature hunting, photographing his finds, researching and learning about them and writing it up in his blog. Zach is very concerned about the future of our environment and an active conservationist having written letters to the PM and his local MP, doing beach cleans whenever he goes to the seaside, volunteering at a local nature reserve, helping with BTO surveys and getting involved with local ringing and moth trapping groups.

His aim it is to try to “get all people, especially those my age, to realise how important nature is. We need to protect it for us and future generations”. Zach very much hopes to have a career as a Naturalist or Scientist though after being in the audience of Autumnwatch Unsprung and talking about his blog on BBC Radio York he is also quite interested in exploring careers in the media too.

Follow his blog http://yearofnature.blogspot.co.uk/ or tweet him @yearofnature


Sophia DunbarGetAttachment

I’m Sophia-Elizabeth Dunbar aged 9.  I love all wildlife and I am very lucky to live right near a beautiful nature reserve and some wild grounds. I am an active member of the RSPB and RSPCA. I want to help promote the importance of protecting wildlife. I enjoy kayaking, going on nature walks, birdwatching and photography. Recently winning an award in my local area for my wildlife photography. I would like to either work with animals or have a career in conservation. At the moment I am trying to raise awareness over the importance of protecting bees and the harmful effect that litter has on wildlife. I have a wildlife blog you can follow http://eswac.blogspot.co.uk/


IMG_0980Noah Walker

Noah is 14 years old and lives in rural Oxfordshire. He’s loved birding and going outside for wildlife ever since he was 7. Four years ago he went on a wildlife weekend course with Nick Baker at Flatford Mill, which boosted his interests and made him want to do even more on his local patch. His favourite reserve though is RSPB Minsmere in Suffolk where he saw Bitterns for the first time. He has started taking photos of almost every wildlife encounter he has had, and has got increasingly good at capturing these moments. In 2012 he came runner up in the BWPA under 12’s wildpix category with a photo of a Bittern at RSPB Minsmere. A few years ago he joined twitter and started to blog about his wildlife encounters. This helped him meet other birders and photographers his age and led to him becoming a trainee ringer, nest recorder for the BTO and participating in the BTO’s Birtrack surveys. Since then he has wanted to help nature in any shape or form now and in the future. To help his nest recording he has made bird boxes, Hog Homes and bird tables for his patch. When he is older he’s aiming to do more wildlife work, like ringing and other conservation.

His blog is walkerwildlifephotography.blogspot.co.uk
Follow him on twitter @NoahWal01

Finley ReynoldsIMG_0591

My name is Finley Reynolds and at the time of writing I am 15 years old.

I have a strong passion for nature, especially birds and mammals, but I am trying to become more knowledgeable in plants, as I feel that plants will allow me to really focus on detail.

I live in the Chiltern hills, in Buckinghamshire, and am privileged to have both woodland and wild grassland on my doorstep. My favourite reserve is Dancers End (near the market town of Wendover), which is owned by the Bucks, Berks and Oxon Wildlife Trust. I have been volunteering for 2 years at Dancers End and this has helped me develop my skills both in conservation and by talking to the people who go.

I wish to carry my love of nature into my career, as I am hoping to be an ecologist or perhaps specialise more and be a botanist or ornithologist.


James Miller

1502James Miller is a young naturalist from Surrey. He is a member of the RSPB and loves visiting his local reserves. His passion for nature manifests itself in wildlife photography, art, and filming / presenting. He won the Cairngorms Young Nature Presenter Competition in 2015, the first time it had been run. This gave him the opportunity to see some great wildlife in Scotland, meet people such as Iolo Williams and Miranda Krestovnikoff, and make a short documentary about wildlife in the Cairngorms. This summer (2016) he is going to be giving a talk at the Birdfair about his experience in Scotland, as well as judging this year’s Young Nature Presenter Competition.  He has appeared in several magazines such as BBC Wildlife talking about his passion for nature and about the competition. Also in 2015 he came highly commended in the RSPB’s Wildart competition and had his artwork displayed in the Mall Gallery in London.  Previous to that he won first prize in a local photography competition for his picture of a slow worm.
In the future he hopes to perhaps become a wildlife cameraman or presenter for the BBC, or pursue some other wildlife related career.  You can find out more about him, see some of his pictures and documentaries, or read about British wildlife on his blog.


Michael Sinclair

My name is Michael Sinclair, I’m 12 years old and live in Glasgow and am a member of the RSPB, BTO and SOC. I’ve been interested in nature since I was 2 when my grandad and I built a frog pond in the woods behind his garden. I’m particularly interested in wildlife photography and take photos for our local park, Linn Park. I enjoy visiting nature reserves including David Marshall Lodge, RSPB Leighton Moss and RSPB Baron’s Haugh. I also love RSPB Minsmere and Lackford Lakes which I visit each year with my family. At Scotland’s Big Nature Festival in (2016) I was the winner of the bird identification quiz. I also had 3 photographs shortlisted for the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2016 with one picture featuring in the published book. In December 2016 I will start volunteering at RSPB Lochwinnoch where I will be recording bird species sighted on the reserve. When I’m older I would like a career involving wildlife management, possibly as a Reserve Manager. You can view my photographs at my website: naturephotographer.co where I also write a blog.


Dara McAnulty

Hi everyone, my name is Dara McAnulty and I am a 12 year old aspiring naturalist from Co Fermanagh, N.Ireland. I have been cimage1hasing and admiring wildlife since I could move by myself! I am passionate about nature and conservation, we need to protect our environment for generations to come. I am also eager to encourage more young people to interact with the natural world. I love birds and in particular, raptors. I would like to see an end to raptor persecution. I am a member of BTO, RSPB, Ulster Wildlife and NI Bat Conservation Group. I am hoping I can volunteer with some of my local NGO’s soon, I want to give something back, as nature gives me such joy and knowledge. I also have Asperger’s and interacting with the natural world is a necessity for me, it helps me in so many ways. It is my whole life. I have just started a blog www.youngfermanaghnaturalist.wordpress.com and I am on Twitter as @naturalistdara
Come and say ‘Hi!’


James McCulloch

James is a very enthu7dd71f85325a16d351fd4fbbcf5db765_0siastic, young naturalist living on the Surrey/West Sussex border interested in all aspects of British wildlife. He maintains a Pan-species List, he writes a wildlife blog and he is a profound biological recorder. In November 2015, aged 12, he received the inaugural Gilbert White Youth Award for Biological Recording and Information Sharing at the NBN Awards.
His blog, which he has been writing since the age of 8, covers various topics relating to nature in Britain and further afield including conservation, identification and day-to-day discoveries. He has written a few articles for magazines including the Amateur Entomologist Society’s Bug Club magazine. He is also an aspiring filmmaker and presenter. He is a trainee ringer ringing at various locations including Knepp Estate in Horsham. As of June 2015 he has submitted around 5000 biological records and has seen over 1400 British species in the wild.