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Ester de Roij
Ester de Roij

Wildlife Photographer. Biologist. International Expeditions. Filmmaker.

Originally hailing from Belgium, Ester is a nature photographer and filmmaker based in the South West. Her main interests combine animal behaviour and conservation with travel to new and foreign places, for example when she spent 3 years between University degrees travelling around the world. Spending this much time in the UK is new to her so while enjoying her day job as a researcher for natural history documentaries, she tries to get out and about as much as possible with her camera (primarily stills) in her spare time. At the moment she is finishing off a big project to document on film the wildlife of her local area, trying to involve her wildlife trust and local celebrities. She is currently still finding and defining her own style and is constantly looking for a new challenge.  Ester de Roij Photography Ester de Roij on Facebook Ester de Roij’s blog


James Shooter2James Shooter

Wildlife Photographer. Naturalist. Environmental Journalist.

James Shooter is a young nature photographer from the Peak District National Park. He specialises in documenting British wildlife with a passion for telling stories of conservation through his pictures and writing. He received a BSc in Zoology with Conservation at Bangor University before picking up the camera and gaining a distinction in MSc Biological Photography and Imaging from the University of Nottingham. In a world where more people have access to high quality cameras, James focuses on depicting his subjects in different perspectives, familiar subjects in an unfamiliar way.  Alongside his own projects, James currently lives and works in the Cairngorms National Park as a photography tour guide for Northshots and wildlife tour guide for Speyside Wildlife – he also contributes to New Shoots Blog, a platform for some of the leading young wildlife photographers in the world. www.jamesshooter.com


Tom MasonTom Mason

Wildlife Photographer. Naturalist. Environmental Journalist.

Tom is a naturalist and wildlife photographer from Hertfordshire. Much of his early life was spent in the fields and woodland around his home farm, allowing him to explore the wonders of the natural world. Alongside his development as a keen naturalist Tom picked up a camera to start recording the wonders he witnessed for others to see. Developing his skills as a photographer he now produces refined images depicting the fascinating wonders of the natural world. As a photographer and naturalist Tom aims to pursue a career in wildlife journalism focusing on sharing the stories that concern wildlife both at home and abroad in order to raise awareness for environmental protection and conservation. Through stories and engagement Tom feels we can re develop the bond between humans and the landscape around them, something that is vitally important in encouraging conservation for the future. Tom Mason Photography


Jack PerksJack Perks

Underwater Photographer. Wildlife Photographer. Filmmaker.

Ever since he can remember, Jack has been interested in the natural world and exploring the green spaces of Nottingham; later he took up photography, which further fuelled his passion for wildlife and resulted in gaining his degree, BA(Hons) Marine & Natural History Photography, in Falmouth, Cornwall. His main interests are freshwater habitats such as rivers, wetlands and ponds, which support so much wildlife, and documenting  the natural world both above and below the water has become something of an obsession. His work has appeared in numerous magazines, exhibitions and books as well as dabbling in film, where he has featured on Springwatch, Inside Out and The Great British Year. Whether it’s a minnow in a stream or a red deer stag rutting he is keen to document it with enthusiasm and wonder.


Simon PhelpsSimon Phelps

Wildlife Photographer. Naturalist. Professional Conservationist. Committee Member.

Simon is a conservationist, wildlife photographer, naturalist and writer. Over his 5 year career in conservation he has worked and volunteered for many conservation charities, such as Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, BCN Wildlife Trust and Froglife. He currently works for Butterfly Conservation as a project development office. He was also a Young Champion on the 2020VISION wildlife photography project. He holds a BSc in Geography and an MSc in Applied Ecology and Conservation, where for the latter he spent 3 months in the Guyana rainforest studying dung beetles. Simon has an endless passion for the natural world, covering all species groups, but with a particular fondness for moths, butterflies, birds and dragonflies. To read some of his writing and see some of his photographs visit his website: www.wildlifephelps.com

Harry MartinHarry Martin

Wildlife Photographer. Conservationist. Zoologist. Naturalist.

Harry is 21 and a budding birdwatcher, conservationist, naturalist and wildlife photographer.  Holidays to Scotland at an early age inspired and drove him towards his desire to work with wildlife and in conservation.  He has developed his photography over the years with a recent commendation in the mammal society photography awards he hopes to achieve more with his images. Having just returned from a year placement at Aigas Field Centre in the Scottish Highlands, he is now in his final year studying for a Bachelors in Zoology at the University of Manchester.  Any free time is spent getting out to local areas to bird and take photographs. View Harry’s website

Danielle ConnorDanielle Connor

Wildlife Photographer. Journalist. Conservationist.

Danielle Connor is a multi-award winning photographer from Wimbledon, London. Her love for wildlife doesn’t have any roots; neither her parents have any interest; just as a child, she loved exploring the natural world, which has now become her main photography focus. At 15 she bought her own DSLR camera and since then she has been saving up for more lenses. In the future she would like to do something wildlife-related, whether it be photography, photojournalism or conservation. Visit her website here: http://danielleconnorphotography.zenfolio.com/about.html


Oscar DewhurstOscar Dewhurst

Wildlife Photographer. Birder. Conservationist.

Oscar is an award-winning eighteen-year-old wildlife photographer based in London. From an early age he was a keen birdwatcher, and photography was an extension of this, when he first picked up a DSLR in 2008. Since then he has become far more focused on photography. Most of his photography is done in London, although he occasionally goes further afield. Check out his website here: http://www.oscardewhurstphotography.co.uk/


Alex BerrymanAlex Berryman

Wildlife Photographer. Birder. Conservationist.

Alex is a 16 year old wildlife photographer based in North East Hampshire. He has always had a fascination and interest in wildlife and over the past two years has tried to photograph as much of it as possible (focusing particularly on the birds of Britain) which has led to a variety of fantastic places, such as the Highlands of Scotland. Visit Alex’s website: http://www.alexberrymanphotography.co.uk/


Arnie MonteithArnie Monteith

Wildlife Photographer. Naturalist. Filmmaker.

Arnie Monteith is a young naturalist and wildlife photographer, keen to conserve the natural world. He has been photographing and watching wildlife since a young age and hopes to one day become a wildlife cameraman filming wildlife all across the world. Check out Arnie’s website – http://500px.com/ArnieMonteith


MTMax Thompson

Wildlife Photographer. Conservation Volunteer. Naturalist.

Max is a 17 year old wildlife photographer, conservationist and all round nature lover. He is based in Somerset and volunteers regularly with the RSPB with events and hands on work. In the last two years his photography has become a big part of his connection with wildlife. You can view his images here: http://maxthompsonphotography.weebly.com/


Jack BartonJack Barton

Wildlife Photographer. Naturalist. Conservation Volunteer.

Jack Barton is a nature photographer and naturalist from Wallington, Surrey. His interest in photography began in his early teenage years and along with it developed a passion for photographing wildlife, perhaps after experiencing the spectacular red deer rut in Richmond park. Since then Jack has become increasingly interested in exploring the natural world with his camera, and when not studying for his A-levels, he spends as much time as possible out at local spots watching and photographing the wildlife. He is currently volunteering with local conservation volunteers to help do my bit for the environment, and even writing a dissertation on red and grey squirrels for an extended project qualification. He is hoping to pursue a career in wildlife photojournalism or conservation in the future as he is keen to contribute to preserving our wildlife for future generations. Visit Jack’s Website – http://jackbartonphotography.zenfolio.com/


Ed Marshall

Wildlife Photographer. Writer. Naturalist.

Having gained a BSc (Hons) in Zoology at the University of Nottingham, his passion for studying and watching wildlife is what led him to pick up a camera and to start taking pictures of the various natural wonders that he experienced. He went on to hone his wildlife photography by gaining a Distinction in the MSc course in Biological Photography & Imaging, also from the University of Nottingham. He has gone on to become a contributing photographer for the RSPB Images library, as well as other agencies, and is now currently based on the Isles of Scilly, working closely with the Wildlife Trust there. Website – www.edmarshallwildimages.co.uk Facebook – www.facebook.com/EdMarshallWildImages



Gideon KnightGideon Knight

Wildlife Photographer. Birder. Conservation Volunteer.

Gideon is a 14 year old wildlife photographer based in London. Like many, his interest in wildlife started in my garden, and from the first moment he really paid attention to the natural world it’s never failed to amaze him. He regularly participates in the Tower 42 Bird Study Group documenting migrating birds through the city of London. He is also a committed patch birder at my local park but does enjoy travelling further afield to remote areas such as the wilds of Southern Ireland and Scotland. He hopes to have a future in conservation as a wildlife photographer and aim to help raise awareness of wildlife through his photographs.


CSCharlotte Sams

Photographer. Filmmaker. Conservationist. Diver.

Charlotte Sams is a young wildlife photographer, branching off into underwater photography and filmmaking as well. Growing up she was always passionate about animals, and involved with art, which then led her onto a degree in Marine & Natural History photography at Falmouth University, of which she will soon be graduating from. As well as a strong love for all areas of natural history image making, she is now particularly interested in showcasing British marine life, which can often be underestimated. By the use of powerful imagery, she is also keen to engage the general public more in the beauty of our natural world. Charlotte loves being involved and interacting with the natural world in whatever which way: from conservation work, being underwater, or simply learning more about wildlife. She would like to use her work to help promote and protect the wildlife and environment that she loves.



Liam FLiam Filtness

Wildlife Photographer.

Liam Filtness is an aspiring 17 year old wildlife photographer and filmmaker. He has been lucky enough to appear on BBC Autumnwatch this year (28th October 2014) where he talked for 15 minutes about his passion for wildlife filmmaking and photography. He has also had several images published in magazines and newspapers and  has had three articles written about his passion for wildlife and nature. One day he hopes to become a professional wildlife filmmaker or photographer. He is lucky to be friends with quite a few filmmakers and photographers so hopes to gain work experience in the near future.

You can contact Liam for a CV through his Facebook Page and can view his videos here:

Vimeo – https://vimeo.com/user18743333
Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyPlSCehhpcGIpDrizoxoNg/videos


JoeTJoe Turner

Wildlife Photographer.

Joe is a 17 year old wildlife & naturist from Bewdley, Worcestershire. Joe started out photography in his early years when he was at the age of ten and soon developed a passion for photographing local wildlife and then began to travel far and wide capturing different wildlife in different habitats. Joe spends most weekends out shooting when possible in all types of weather conditions to get the shot! Joe has more recently started adventuring into videography hoping to capture some of the amazing British wildlife in its true glory.

Visit Joe’s Portfolio/Website here : http://joeturnerphotography.co.uk/


Elliot Montieth


Elliot is Young Birder, Wildlife Photographer & devoted Geologist from the Wirral in the North West. He’s on the Committee for Wirral RSPB as their Social Media Officer and also assists other groups in development as he hopes to raise the profile of Wirral and everything wild for others to see and understand its importance, because after all we are guests to natures once bountiful table. You can follow him on Twitter: @Elliot_Montieth and on his site Elliot’s Birding Diaries

Imogen Barker50e24c_bf9debb90c8a46f19a233920b3411dc2 (1)

Wildlife Photographer.
Science Communicator.

Imogen Barker is a wildlife and landscape photographer from Nottingham. She gained a BSc Biological Sciences Hons degree from Lancaster University, having lived and studied for a year in Australia at University of Wollongong. Whilst out there, she started to photograph the unique animals and scenery she encountered as she travelled. Following graduation, she secured an internship at Cancer Research UK, as a science communicator converting the lab research findings into understandable science for non-scientists. Having won 2 prizes in the BBC Nature Photography Competition, aged 14, she decided to revisit photography and take it to the next level by joining the MSc Biological Photography & Imaging course at University of Nottingham, from which she graduated with distinction. Her photography is varied, incorporating macro through to wide angle, subjects big and small, both native and foreign. Her compositions are striking and reveal a different way of seeing the natural world.



Noah Shepherd

Noah Shepherd

Wildlife Photographer.
Zoology Student.

Noah is currently studying Zoology MSci at UCL. Growing up in London, he has nurtured his love of wildlife through photography, being particularly ambitious about documenting how animals adapt to humanised landscapes. He explores this on trips to Regent’s Park to observe and photograph coot colonies, his midnight walks on the lookout for city foxes and his Sundays spent on Rainham Marshes. Volunteering at Mayhew Animal Home, Noah has also focused on the relationship between man and domesticated animal, photographing therapy dogs during their visits to care homes. His attendance to Mammal Society courses and Ecology summer schools has enriched his knowledge of British wildlife. This and his placements at RSPB, the Natural History Museum, London Zoo and Staten Island Zoo, has enabled Noah to share his passion and knowledge with others which he aims to continue to do through photography.



Aidan Pawaroo

Wildlife Photographer.
Wildlife Enthusiast.


Aidan Pawaroo is a 17 year old amateur (but avid!) wildlife photographer, naturalist and all round wildlife enthusiast with ambitions in the conservation and ecology sectors. He has been fascinated by nature longer than he can remember however his mother frequently tells him that she wishes he never learnt to talk as he has been telling her about nature in one guise or another virtually from his first word! His current residence in the UK has given him a fascination for British wildlife however the pristine Amazonian ecosystems of his ancestral homeland, Guyana, hold a deep fascination for him and it is this with has led him to his current path, a-level biology geared to an environmental sciences degree with an expedition research career in the (not so distant) future. However that said he also holds a deep fascination with all British wildlife, particularly the locally extinct species and the possibility of rewilding and reintroductions in the future.


Andy Baker

Wildlife Photographer.
Zoologist.course rep 1

Andy Baker is a young UK-based photographer and zoology student with a keen interest in the natural world. Photography became his passion at the age of 15 when he purchased his first DSLR camera and instantly began to explore the microscopic world using a cheap reversed lens. Macro photography is his main focus but he regularly experiments with other techniques. He is currently studying for his BSc in zoology at Lincoln University and hopes to pursue a career in wildlife photography and filmmaking.

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/andybakerphoto/

Flickr – https://www.flickr.com/photos/63368475@N08/

Website – https://andybakerphoto.wordpress.com/


Catherine Bullen

Wildlife Photographer.

Catherine Bullen is a photographer specialising in nature and wildlife photography. She uses natural light in her photographs to create vibrant images of subjects that people may not otherwise see, or notice. Exploring both the UK and overseas, Catherine is aiming to capture as much of it as she can. Travelling to South Africa as a volunteer wildlife and conservation photographer was a step along this path – one that enabled her to photograph flora and fauna whilst also helping others along the way. Back in UK Catherine volunteers with The Friends of Horsey Seals, helping to protect the grey seals on the Norfolk coast, and explores places closer to home. She is always looking out for new adventures, projects, collaborations and good advice. Please feel free to contact her. www.catherinebullen.co.uk


John Dietz

Wildlife Photographer and Filmmaker.

I am from Devon, and I have been fascinated by animals, wildlife and nature for as long as I can remember. I started out wanting to be a zookeeper, but when I became interested in film and photography through Media studies at school, it was only a matter of time before the two interests blended together. My introduction to photography as was through a wedding photographer, but my photographic interest is with wildlife and landscapes. I have since studied a Foundation degree in Wildlife Education and Media, which after a third year ‘top up’ became a Bsc in Applied Zoology. Since finishing my studies I have been juggling my pursuit of photography and filming skills with full time work, but now I have been very lucky to have been accepted for a role in the National Trust as a full time volunteer near Helston in Cornwall. With my qualifications and of course my commitment and enthusiasm, I want to build a career in natural history filming and photography for conservation and education.