A Focus On Nature



The Network for Young Nature Conservationists in the UK

A key part of A Focus On Nature is to follow our participants as they progress through their careers. They can contribute to this page whenever they choose – with words, links, pictures, whatever they fancy and above all they can show us how A Focus on Nature helped them on their way to achieving their goals!

If you’re looking at becoming a member of A Focus On Nature, the information here will give you a bit of a clue about what we can offer, and the people you can meet along the way.

If you’re already a member, make sure to send us plenty of information, photos, drawings, pieces of writing, etc., to keep us up to speed with your portfolio work. It’s your area to show off your skills!

A Focus On Nature prides itself on it’s openness to all naturalists and nature conservationists, and recently we have been attracting a lot of younger members on both Facebook and Twitter, and within this group itself supported by our page on ‘Young Conservationists’, and this is a great step for us! As a network, we have always excelled at maintaining a professional, inclusive and welcoming atmosphere.  We recognise that we have a responsibility to protect our members, particularly those of a younger age, and it is worth noting that if any examples of bullying, discrimination or inappropriate language in any form on other Facebook groups, private messages or other forms of social media come to our attention, associated in any way with AFON members, we may be forced to remove you from the network. This is to protect the safety of our younger members, and to make sure that the AFON retains it’s excellent reputation.