A Focus On Nature

Former Committee Members

Lucy McRobert

Creative Director, 2011 – 2016

Wildlife journalist.

Lucy is a researcher, campaigner, educator, environmental historian, wildlife journalist and was the Founder of ‘A Focus On Nature’, and its Creative Director between 2011-2016. She gained a First Class degree from the University of Nottingham in 2012, and her final year Dissertation on the nature reserve ‘ideal’ in Britain after the Second World War was awarded the Robert Mellors Prize for English History. Lucy has written for many wildlife publications, including BBC Wildlife and is currently a regular columnist for Birdwatch magazine. She is an experienced broadcaster on both radio and television, recently appearing on BBC Springwatch Extra and regularly on BBC Radio Nottingham’s The Sunday Papers, where she is called upon regularly to discuss nature conservation and the growing youth conservation movement in Britain. She has extensive experience in events management, organising the Vision for Nature Conference and other events, from formal fundraising events to children’s activity days; has worked as an environmental educator in several schools across the Midlands in conjunction with the Rutland Osprey Project; and has been fully responsibly for researching the recent book by Tony Juniper examining ecosystem services: What Nature does for Britain. She has recently been appointed the Nature Matters Campaigns Manager for the Wildlife Trusts, based in Newark. She is a keen birdwatcher and mammal-watcher, and enjoys communicating her experiences through broadcasting and the written word.


Megan Shersby

Online & Social Media Manager, 2015 – 2017.


Megan has worked for a variety of conservation organisations, including different Wildlife Trusts, the National Trust and the Dwarf Mongoose Research Project. Initially recruited to manage the social media of the Vision for Nature campaign, before going on to managing the online and social media work for AFON. She now works as an assistant for a wildlife magazine.


Ettie Shattock

Mentoring Co-ordinator, 2015 – 2016.


Ettie loves being outdoors and sharing the benefits of being in nature with others. She is a Social Anthropology graduate and is fascinated by the variety of ways people interact with our natural world. Ettie currently works for Young Scot, Scotland’s leading youth information and citizenship charity. She manages a three year partnership with Scottish Natural Heritage, facilitating a youth advisory panel to engage young people in Scotland’s nature, landscapes and biodiversity. Ettie is also a volunteer leader with the Green Team and takes groups of young people out on conservation and nature exploration days at the weekend. Based in Edinburgh, she is usually out exploring local areas on a run, hike or conservation project in her spare time.