A Focus On Nature

About Us

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Our Objectives

  • To provide a safe, secure and enjoyable platform for young nature conservationists and naturalists to network with each other, and older professional

  • To inform wider nature conservation debates by offering a young and fresh perspective on environmental issues

  • To work with other youth networks and environmental organisations to create a youth conservation movement in the UK

  • To provide a mouthpiece for young nature conservationists in a wider environmental forum, representing their views, wants, ideas and values

  • To contribute to a society in which nature is more valued and better protected for the benefit of young people and future generations

  • To ensure a transfer of skills and knowledge between generations, assisting our members in getting jobs, educating them and increasing confidence

  • To give young nature conservationists access to opportunities, by providing events and projects for them to take part in

  • To promote nature conservation and natural history to young people

Our Structure

A Focus On Nature is currently unincorporated. We are managed by a small Committee of young conservationists, who all give up their time voluntarily. We are supported financially and in donations-in-kind by a range of organisations, and by our outstanding team of mentors.


The Committee meets to discuss the organisation at least three times a year. You can view our minutes here:

Winter 2014/2015


A Focus On Nature recognises:

  • The need to encourage young people aged 16 to 30 to get involved in, enthused and passionate about the natural world. This encouragement needs to come in many forms – financial support, career advice, networking and experience.

  • That nature conservation is about far more than management – it is about writers, historians, policy makers, artists, film makers, photographers, agricultural students, scientists, teachers, politicians and tour guides. These all need to come from a younger generation and they need support to build their careers.

  • That using a variety of social media, online and live events and other promotional activities, we can recruit a team of committed young wildlife enthusiasts, supporting them with donations of optics, books and other useful equipment or services to use in their wildlife conservation activities.

  • That by focusing the eyes of young adults, we can focus their careers and their lives, for the benefit of not only the individual, but the bigger picture of nature conservation and the environment.

What don’t we do?

  • We do not give our prizes and opportunities away philanthropically; we expect our members to contribute to projects, our online social media presence, our website, and any publications fully and professionally.

  • We do not buy into politics within nature conservation, so we have no obligations to any individuals, companies or eNGOs. We are thoroughly committed to staying neutral, and thus not jeopardising any opportunities for our members.

  • We are a network for young nature conservationists with an existing interest in nature and the environment; we fully support and work with the many organisations who actively encourage young people with no interest in conservation to connect with nature, but do not see it as one of our primary objectives.

  • We are not a charitable organisation, although anyone between the ages of 16 and 30 may join the network for free. People outside of this age range are admitted at our discretion.


Bullying Policy & Protection of young members