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To find out more about the project either as a potential member, supporter or mentor, or to get a copy of our membership/mentoring forms either follow the links or contact us on:

E: afonmembers@hotmail.com

You can also download our application forms from the Facebook Group


For information on University Birdwatch Challenge, please contact Beth:

E: beth.aucott@googlemail.com

For information on University Moth Challenge, please contact Simon:

E: simonphelps310787@yahoo.com 


Please note that A Focus On Nature is ran completely voluntarily with no full-time staff, so be patient with us!


A Focus On Nature prides itself on it’s openness to all naturalists and nature conservationists, and recently we have been attracting a lot of younger members on both Facebook and Twitter, and within this group itself supported by our page on ‘Young Conservationists’ on the website, and this is a great step for us! As a network, we have always excelled at maintaining a professional, inclusive and welcoming atmosphere.  We recognise that we have a responsibility to protect our members, particularly those of a younger age, and it is worth noting that if any examples of bullying, discrimination or inappropriate language in any form on other Facebook groups, private messages or other forms of social media come to our attention, associated in any way with AFON members, we may be forced to remove you from the network. This is to protect the safety of our younger members, and to make sure that the AFON retains it’s excellent reputation. Please note that you have to be 18 to take advantage of our Mentoring Scheme.

By entering the A Focus On Nature you are agreeing with our Terms & Conditions.

All photographs on the website are the property of the individual photographers of A Focus On Nature, and are not for replication or publication. A Focus On Nature will always credit independent photographers where possible; if you wish to use any of the images on the website, please contact A Focus On Nature or the photographer in question using their individual websites.

**Please note that we are unable to take on any more purely photography applications.  If you are a photographer interested in applying, we are still able to advertise your work and get you involved in projects; however, we are unable to offer you expensive prizes due to the high number of photography-based applications in 2013. There will be a limited number of photography mentors available in 2014, but these are highly competitive mentoring positions**